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The broken heart experience
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*****Question*****   Dear Faiyaz, A few months ago I met a girl, my heart melted when she stared at me… She wasn’t afraid to step up to me.   We talked for hours without blinkin’ a eye   A few … Read More

Is life fair?
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  You’ve heard people say it You’ve probably said it yourself   “Life is not fair”   But   is life treating you fairly? It’s OK, you can be honest.   You probably have a good heart You’re probably a kind … Read More

Thoughts that knock on the door of your mind
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  There are times that certain thoughts enter our minds. Thoughts that we feel joyful about and thoughts that have a negative impact on our minds AND our body. If we are obsessed with negative thoughts, our minds become immobilized and … Read More

Feeding the energy vampire
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*****Question*****   Hi Faiyaz, I’m writing you because I would love to hear your insights regarding certain types of people (some even close to me). How do I deal with people that leave a bitter taste in my mouth after … Read More

How do I talk to her?
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*****Question***** Faiyaz, I loved your first blogpost. Goal setting is an excellent way to enter 2016. If there is one goal I would like to accomplish, it would be eliminating ‘fear’ when approaching a women. I’m not boasting, but I … Read More

The Power of Positivity
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*****Question***** Hi Faiyaz, My name is Josh. I’m 28 years old living in Wisconsin. I have read many books and watched many YouTube videos regarding the power of positivity. What it means, how and when to apply it. However, it … Read More

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